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Interview With The Ganesh Talkies

By MTS Discover | 3rd June, 2015

One fine day in 2011, vocalist Suyasha Sengupta and bassist Roheet Mukherjee “got fed up” of doing cover music and created The Ganesh Talkies in 2011 to make original compositions. The band aims to make music one can dance to and deliver performances in apparel that borders on (and sometimes extends beyond) the theatre couture. They decided to use Bollywood – that big, bad behemoth of things ranging from hyperbolic, over-the-top drama to ridiculously synchronized dance sequences that we all love to hate on – as the central theme. And thus was born The Ganesh Talkies, the indie band from Kolkata who unabashedly assert their love for mainstream Bollywood culture.

They are firm believers in the art of performing and giving the live audience their money’s worth. They always appear on stage in elaborate garb which is loud, eye catching and as ‘In Technicolor’ as their recently released album of the same name. They flourish in cliché and their live performances are nothing less of a typical Bollywood song-and-dance sequence. Maintaining that they “will always dress up crazily” for shows, their flair for theatrics is evident from the fact that they wore rented marching band costumes for their first gig.
The Ganesh Talkies have dared to stride where most indie angels fear to tread. Their blatant outburst of mainstream Bollywood elements in their work has had tongues wagging right when they hit the scene with their first EP Three-tier, No AC. But they have no dearth of supporters, as seen from the release of their first album with producer Miti Adhikari. This ‘Bollywood kitsch’ band is here to stay, in Technicolor.



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  1. What would you say your biggest influences are? Tell us a bit about the beginning of your journey?

Bollywood sneakily finds its way into our daily, everyday life. Be it a song on the radio or the array of posters on the street. We find inspiration in the power of Bollywood and its ability to infiltrate into an average Indian’s life.

2) What would you say your biggest achievement has been?

We have been playing our music to newer audiences across different parts of the country, be it at music festivals, college festivals or pub gigs. We’d like to think that our biggest achievement so far has been to get our music out to people, something we honestly didn’t think we’d be able to do, sitting here in Calcutta.

The other one is most definitely getting our debut album, ‘In Technicolor’ out after months of obsessing over it.

  1. What are your own band’s top 5 tracks, according to you?

i)Monsters In Your Head-This was the first song I wrote as a songwriter and hence holds immense sentimental value.

ii) Fight Club- Songs can be dancey and fun, but it is important to be a little preachy and have a dialogue with the listener once in a while.

iii) Raju Banega Gentleman- We stop dreaming as we grow older, we conform to and enjoy mediocrity. This song talks about the importance of dreaming big and pushing yourself to achieve them.

iv) Brother From Another Mother-Because love songs are cliched. There should be more songs about friendship, or “best-friendship”, to be more precise.

v) Item Song-The world would be a lot more fun (for women) if traditional gender roles were reversed for a day!


4. Tell us your top 5 all-time favourite tracks

  1. Karma Police-Radiohead
  2. Dumb-Nirvana
  3. The Rain Song-Led Zeppelin
  4. Around The World-RHCP
  5. Across The Universe-The Beatles

5. What is the biggest difficulty an independent artist/band in India faces today?
Sustainability is definitely a problem for independent artists and bands in the country. Although the infrastructure has been growing steadily for an artist to support themselves through means of their work, it will take a while for more people to be convinced to make a successful full-time career out of it.

6. Where do you think your music is headed in the near future?
The next Ganesh Talkies record will be a departure from the sugary, pop elements of ‘In Technicolor’. We are young, angry and want to fuck shit up. That sentiment has been affecting us during song-making so one can expect the new songs to be pretty and grotesque at the same time.

Here’s wishing the Ganesh Talkies lots of luck for the future. Do check out their music online. You could also catch them live on Friday, 29th May 2015 at 9 pm, Princeton Club, Kolkata. Entry to the event is FREE, get yourself added to the guest list by visiting the Facebook event page

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